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Loco Builder's Box

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  • Poppy's LOCO BUILDER's BOX are now available in
    3, 3.5, 4, 7, 10mm and S scales.
    Poppy’s Loco Builder Box is designed to enable you to build your locomotive kit and maintain a straight, square frame, structure and free running mechanism more easily. It provides a stable base for loco building, freeing your hands for those trick and hard to hold parts.
    There are many stages the Loco Builder Box can help you;
    - Hold chassis parts and build the basic chassis and coupling rods,
    - Add the brake and underside details,
    - Adding the valance, buffer beams, steps and other details to the footplate,
    - Build the body
    - Hold the assembly firm (either non-slip or bolted down) and freeing hands to work more easily
    - Provides a convenient place to keep parts for the next few steps of the build, and catch small parts that drop during handling.
    There are 6 versions, Small, (industrial locos and tenders), Medium (up to 35ft footplate), Large (over 35ft), 8 Coupled, 10 Coupled, and a very short wheel base version for narrow gauges.
  • All boxes come with witness axles. Many scales, gauges and axle configurations can now be confidently built using Poppy's Loco Builder Box. Please refer to the table to select the correct version for your loco. If in doubt, please ask if you are unsure of your requirements being covered.

  • Loco Box sizes and suitability Chart
  • Prices available on the scale pages;
    7mm Loco Builder Box 3.5mm Loco Builder Box

    4mm Loco Builder Box 3mm Loco Builder Box

    S Scale Loco Builder Box

    You can also download an illustrated sheet showing steps of loco assembly (PDF format) and check what a selection of our customers said on ourCustomerspage.

  • ImgLine up your boiler fittings 'Straight Down the Middle'
  • ImgAlign the tool from the cab side then place your fittings aligned to the silhouette and vertical lines. £3.50
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    Loco Planked Floor Panel £2.00
    60 x 60mm, One size – cut to fit

Axle Spacing

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  • Poppy's Axle Spacing jig for 7mm. Spaces 1/8th inch axles at 7mm scale prototype distances. Developed to help space the axles on our long wheelbase Ballast Brake Van, a handy jig for spacing axles when assembling wagons and bogies. Priced at £8.50.
    Prototype version shown.


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  • Poppy's MODELLER's MEASURING STICK is a very handy tool, giving you a scale rule, track spacing, back to back (fine and coarse standards), loading gauge, buffer height and structure gauge indicators all on one great modellers aid.
    link to 7mm Ruler link to 4mm Ruler
    all Modeller's Measuring Sticks priced at £5.00.

    We are proud to announce;

    Our original 7mm 0 gauge ruler based on Gauge 0 Guild standards is now joined by;
    two 4mm versions endorsed by;
    00 gauge version by the Double 0 Gauge Association.
    EM gauge version by the EM Gauge Society.

Workshop & Bench

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  • Poppy's Tool Carousel helps you maintain a tidy workbench. A useful selections of holes and slots keeps you files, reamers, brushes and many other items in close reach without laying on your workspace.
    Poppy's Pliers & Cutters Rest is the ideal place for your selection of hinged tools, keeping them ready at all times for you to reach for them.
    Poppy's Paint Holder 5 stations to support popular size containers.
    Duncan's Flux Holder a good sound base to help prevent spillages
  • Poppy's Tool Carousel, Pliers & Cutters Rest and Flux Holder are all £5 each, Poppy's Paint Holder £6.50.

Ballast Box

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  • Poppy's BALLAST BOX in 2, 4 and 7mm scales, it not only spreads ballast evenly, but goes on being useful for the lifetime of your railway, long after the track is laid by providing trackside measures for platform, canopy and arch minimum clearances and standard buffer and coupling alignment.
    4mm available in 00, EM and P4 versions
    link to 7mm Ballast Box priced at £9.75.
    link to 4mm Ballast Box priced at £8.50.